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a path through bodies

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Resurgam by Sherry Mangan

Grimness in silence, Thou, my God, salute,
hooded in purpose, motionless in growth,
broken like hostbread to Thy worship's oath,
intact in essence, one though convolute.

My edge was turned as though my steel were lead:
perceive the dusty mount that marks me; yet
the very self that sinned has no regret,
for I am most myself when I am dead.

Grant me my strength again with moving pain,
that after regrowth may mine edge be keen;
O, come Thou in Thy singleness to glean
my dust and find the missing vital grain.

(note: the god addressed is not Christ but Apollo)

[from No Apology for Poetrie,: and other poems written, 1922-1931]
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